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- a patented urethane hose saddle designed to properly suspend hose.

Hose is expensive, especially industrial hose. When our Hosebun™ product is used, the hose manufacturer’s maximum bending radius is protected, and your expensive hose is kept from kinking.

The Hosebun™ is, by far, the foremost method to suspend hose in a permanent or temporary, semi-rigid position. How many times have you seen hose being hoisted temporarily, ineffectively, or unsafely?

Hosebun™ products offer efficient, effective, and safe hose suspension designed for your unique needs. Even wide body slings do not provide the protection your hose requires. The Hosebun™ is a one-time purchase; the cradle itself will not wear out.

If you plan to purchase dock hose, suction hose, vapour recovery hose, or any size hose, from 1” I.D. hose to 12” I.D. hose, we have a hose saddle for you.

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  • small bore hosebun
  • large bore hosebun

Our Hosebun™ is used for cradling hose within various industrial and commercial sites and applications. The use of Hosebun™ products in the petrochemical industry, oil and gass drilling applications, hi-hose refuelling stations, overland and offshore shipping and transportation settings, military and aircraft refuelling depots, and in the nuclear reactor industry, will keep work sites safer and your hose protected longer.